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Thank you for stopping by to check out our website! Since its initial launch, we have added a number of great new features while keeping the site simple and easy to navigate. While we still include all of the important features that you have been enjoying - such as Our Sales Ad online, finding your closest S&V Liquors on Our Stores, and learning about upcoming tastings on our Products and Events page, we have added a number of new features as well! We're including featured product pages that offer a curated collection of your favorite brands at exceptional prices featured in our brewery/winery/spirit of the month, as well as our S&V Email Club to stay up to date on all your favorites , and we have also linked to our S&V LiquorsFacebook Page.

We have also taken the time to create new opportunities for you, the customer, to join us in experiencing the many fine qualities our industry has to offer. In 2015 we took our first event lead (an exclusive here in Fort Wayne) by leading a Craft Beer Brewery Experience down to Indianapolis.
Brew Bus 2015:Fort Wayne to Indy Express was a resounding success, and since then we've had a new experience every year! From

Brew Bus 2016:Fort Wayne's Michigan Adventure to Brew Bus 2017:Fort Wayne Hit's The West Coast, and Brew Bus 2018:Fort Wayne to Windy City South was a ton of fun this year as well!

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