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Thanks for stopping by to check out our website! Since its initial launch, we have added a number of great new features while keeping the site simple and easy to navigate. While we still include all the important features that you've been enjoying already such as Our Sales Ad online, finding your closest S&V Liquors on Our Stores, and learning about upcoming tastings on our Products and Events page, we have added a number of new features including the The S&V Experts, a brewery/winery/spirit of the month, our S&V Email Club, and we have linked our S&V Liquors Facebook page. 

The largest addition to the website has been our S&V Experts section: Three of our leading experts in craft beer, fine wine, and mixology have come together to share recommendations, fun facts, recipe ideas and more with our customers.
Mr. Beer, Mr. Wine, and The Mixologist each have fun and interesting articles available to browse at your convenience. Stop by and check them out, or make a suggestion for their next article on the Contact Us page.

If you ever have any questions, comments, or requests for new products, please don't hesitate to ask. We make it our priority to focus on you, the customer, first - you can reach us through our contacts page, or email us directly at

We appreciate your visit, and thank you for choosing S&V Liquors!

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