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     Can you believe how quickly 2016 passed us by? It seems like like we were just getting used to it, and now we've rushed headlong into Spring of 2017! Fortunately you don't have to rush around to figure what a great lineup we have for April's featured Wines of the Month ~ Local Fort Wayne Favorites!

    "Two-EE’s was founded on the belief that every varietal deserves a spotlight, because each one has something to offer. Our journey to discover these unique varietals often takes us off the beaten path. And we like the challenge—the grapes are worth it."

* Plonqe' and Diamond ~ $10.99 *

    "Constructed on their family owned farm, Country Heritage Winery & Vineyard gives true meaning to its name. The farm has over 100 years of family heritage. The proprietors, Jeremy & Jennifer Lutter, continued the Country Heritage tradition by opening the winery on April 29, 2011."

* Country Heritage Red - Rosé - White ~ $7.99

    "Satek Winery started as a commercial vineyard, selling grapes to other Indiana wineries, in 1992.  The intent was to eventually open our own winery as a “retirement” business. Satek Winery has had nearly 80% of its wines win medals in the third largest international wine competition in the US for each of the last three years.

* Satek Red - Satek White ~ $7.99 *